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Floating Sunglasses

SBOJis line of floating sunglasses provides superior functionality in flotation and polarization. All floating sunglasses are tested in turbulent waters and have been tested by our diving friends off the island of Catalina, CA.  The buoyant bamboo floating sunglass frames allow them to float effortlessly above the water. Unlike many other floating sunglasses they are much easier to spot in open and moving water because of how light the bamboo sunglasses are. Our bamboo floating sunglasses are sourced globally and are recognized as one of the most sustainable materials on our planet. We believe that making bamboo sunglasses that float is a better alternative to plastics that most of todays sunglasses are made of. They provide better float-ability and are eco-friendly. Many people lose their sunglasses on the water and they then become trash that pollutes the place they came to enjoy.  Bamboo sunglasses and bamboo clothing are much more sustainable, comfortable and functional for athletes, explorers and everyday. 
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