SBOJI Facewear began in the summer of 2014 when two water sport aficionados saw the need for a truly water and eco-friendly pair of sunglasses. Being sustainable was just as important to their design as being functional, and fashionable. The two set forth to create the evolution of what they coined The Feacewear Reovolution. A group of sustainable fashion and accessory lines that complements the lifestyle of the wildly adventurous and those who are down for it.


Our philosophy stands behind our sustainable culture & lifestyle. All goods designed by SBOJI Facewear are ethically handmade with Eco-conscientiousness in mind. From using the most abundant and sustainable materials in the world to our Keep It Clean project, we have focused our efforts on protecting our waters and land while creating an impact that forms a revolution in active and sustainable sunglasses and apparel.

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Our roots have grown from adventure, the love of music, sports, and the need to have fun. Innovation, discipline, and self progression motivates us fully. We support and educate active and healthy lifestyles for everyone. That's why we develop products that enhance the adventures you live for while creating an impact on the world. We want to create a strong community for our SBOJi family and all who are #DownForIt.

From Kris and Tyson

While working as boat captains and wakeboard instructors we saw sunglasses lost in the water every day. Not only were they expensive to replace, they were also damaging to the environment that brought us so much happiness and freedom. We are activist with a passion for snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and living responsibly. We want to share our passions for creativity and social responsibility through all of our SBOJi family and friends, and hope you enjoy our Eco-friendly sunglasses and service enough to be a long term supporter of our company.



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