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World Meditation Day Today! | The FACEWEAR Mission
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World Meditation Day Today! | The FACEWEAR Mission

Something to Meditate On: Thoughts from our visionary CEO

Out on the coasts of the world exist many Seawalls and breakwaters. Walls which were made by man meant to keep high tides, strong waves, and storms from disrupting the land beyond it. Usually used to protect shipping yards or oil riggers. They've been shown to disrupt the natural pattern of beach replenishment along the coast.. According to the California Coastal Commission, about a third of Southern California beaches are armored with seawalls.

The emerging senses of presence and bliss come to me when I think of what we could be without our egos. I think through all of this happening right now, I have seen more good in people than I ever thought possible. The silver linings have been huge for nature and for some people too. 

The other day Sarah and I walked on the riverside of Bridalveil Falls in Idaho Springs, CO. We had driven past the falls many times. There is an old giant water wheel that used to run the town's electricity in the days of lucrative gold and silver mining. Until our recent desperate need to find quick adventure we had no idea that a trail existed just below the highway that we frequently take to the mountains and lake Granby when visiting our friends. 

A blissful moment came to me then, same as it had many times. A dreamlike state of an apocalyptic scene happening around me. I recalled having the same thought a few years back, skating through the city streets of Hollywood, and hiking some canyons that randomly had metal tubes plowing through them for drainage, and many other times. I fell into a vision of destruction of what man created, and it made me happy. 

First, I saw a small sapling that made its home in the crevice of a limestone block alongside the path we walked on. That’s when it hit me. The Jumanji like scene started with the small sapling emerging, tearing through the cement sidewalk, the trees alongside of the hwy joined in, growing like the angry Hulk ripping through the manmade structures around us. A completely I Am Legend of the city sprawls were now the scene we all lived in my head. 

Don’t misunderstand me. I have a great respect for history and the great accomplishments that we have made. They are unimaginably great. Even standing under a giant water wheel that powered a whole town many years ago made me realize how far we’ve come. Granted the wheel was providing energy for men to rip as many resources out of the Earth as possible for their own personal benefit. I still think evolution and advancement of technology is critical to understanding who we are, and finding out ever more about the universe.  

But, I don’t feel bad. Nobody feels bad in this daydream. There is no suffering. We are all happy and free of the things that don’t serve us anymore. Forced to live by the time the planet sets, and not our own. The break waters on the coast are broken down, large blocks of granite blown out of their places. She broke down, Mother Earth had the power to set the pace of this world, but she first had to coax the modern people out of themselves.

I know this is a lot about a daydream, but I hope that others feel this way at times. We’re all connected with the earth and air, and each other. That’s why being outside is so important right now. And also apparently UV light is our ally. When having a loving connection with being outside, the sunshine, or a cold dip in ice blue remember that is you and your energy you feel too!

All that said, I have been thinking about the mission, the purpose, of SBOJI FACEWEAR. Ya, of course we want to give back and make an impact. Our favorite pastime has always been being locals. And in being locals you best mind your ps and qs on our waters, parks, and be kind and respectful to our people. We would do beach clean ups, lake clean ups, and promoted the Keep It Clean mentality.  

With that in mind I wanted to share with you the mission of our brand. Don’t judge, just know that we mean it, and we work hard to be it! Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us over the last 5 years! There are a lot of you out there and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. Kris and I are doing everything we can to keep this going and use it to create something powerful for as many people as possible. 


SBOJI FACEWEAR will provide the best customer experience, 

the most innovative sustainable products, and commit to helping 

the world and its people. 


One Love, 

Tyson K, Co-Owner

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