Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

FREE US SHIPPING //  The best recycled skateboard wood sunglasses are handcrafted in Huntington Beach, CA by SBOJi FACEWEAR. SBOJi collection of skateboard wood sunglasses, named their Skate Series, is a collection of sunglasses made from the recycled maple wood of thrashed skateboards. This sustainable and cool medium for sunglasses frames makes SBOJi Skate Series the best new sunglasses of 2017. There are a lot of benefits to using recycled skateboards for sunglasses. The maple wood is very strong and durable as it has a strong rigidity that also will crack before it breaks making them easier to repair than pc or acetate sunglasses. Skateboard sunglasses also have a distinct look as you can see the multiple colors that each layer of the skateboard wood has in the sunglasses. Every pair in the Skate Series is polarized and has a 1 year warranty.
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